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Links Of Interest

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Federation of spanish Golf

Hot Air Ballooning
Go hot air ballooning if you're brave enough

Salvador Dali
Wonderful weird art from the king of whatever it is he does.

Spanish Language tools
Hear a little spoken Spanish and learn useful phrases thanks to the BBC

Spanish online newspaper

Spanish Food
Popular Spanish recipes in English, Paella for instance

English language Spanish News
Includes regional weather forecast

Spain Map
Google maps,zoom in/out etc

BBC Weather Guide
Useful weather information and forecast from the BBC

 Famous for the sun, sea, beaches and tapas. But surely as popular for it's culture, history and beautiful countryside... An unique destination, due to its rich history and cultural heritage, diverse landscape and varied gastronomy. Here you will find green, hilly country side with pastures and small fishing harbours to the mountains with permanent snow, like the Sierra Nevada or the Pyrenees. From the steep rocky coast to the busy beaches of the Costa's, from the worldly towns to the small middle ages villages inland. The diversity and the contrasts which characterize Spain can also been seen in the culture. The country is strewn with interesting cultural sights, each with it's own influences: Celtic, Iberian, Greek-Roman, Moors. The Spanish people enjoy a lively culture, with it's many folk festivals and in the music and dance (think of the 'Flamenco' in Andalusia or the somewhat gentler Sardana in Cataluña), each region with it's own festivals and customs. On top of which Spain has excellent cuisine: olives & olive oil, tapas, fish and shell fish paella, wine, sherry and above all a many sided local gastronomy.