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Italy Food and Drink

Italian food is famous worldwide, and virtually every region of Italy has its own particular speciality. For hundreds of years the country was governed in individual city states, and regional cuisines quickly became established. offers Italy holiday rental and Villa rentals. You can rent a private apartment in Rome directly from your local home owner. Italian cooking has always followed the very simple principal of food being best when its cooked fresh and in season, they import very little food and only cook what they can grow and buy locally, which explains the general diversity of Italian regional cuisine.
One of the most famous Italian dishes must be Pizza, which is internationally known and imitated all over the world, and other well known dishes are Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tiramisu and Zabaglione.   The north western Italian area of Piedmont which borders France is famous for its exquisite truffles, with the Liguria region famous for its olive groves and olive oils. Northern Italian food is heavily influenced by the heavy broths and smoked meats of bordering Austria and pasta dishes are based on heavy cream sauces, with southern Italian pasta dishes being more Mediterranean influenced and mainly tomato and herb based, with fresh local salads “insalata” being very popular and widespread. brings together a great collection of Italy holiday accommodation, Italy holiday apartments, Italy holiday villas and Apartments. is unique in providing Italy holiday lettings because we are the only site that allows you to find someone local to you who may have advertised their Italy home.
In Italy a “Ristorante” is the finest eating establishment, where you can expect a full menu, full waiter service and where a meal can take some time.   A “Trattoria” is more relaxed, with casual service and lower prices, and a “Tavalo Caldo” literally “hot table” serves ready prepared food at low prices – similar to a hot buffet. An “Osteria” is more of a bar serving rustic home cooked food, and was traditionally the place where a traveller could find food and lodging, with the provision of a simple meal and a bed for the night for a fixed price.
The menu, or “la lista”, will consist of the following courses, with a wide and varying range of dishes included for each course:-
Antipasti (appetizers) could include such dishes as “bruschetta”  (grilled garlic bread with chopped tomato), salami, prosciutto, crostini, or fresh mozzarella with melon.
Il Primo (the first plate) is most often pasta, risotto or gnocchi but could also be soup
Il Secondo (the second plate) is a main dish such as meat or fish;
   sometimes a vegetable is served with this dish but usually side dishes are ordered separately.
Il Contorno (side dish) vegetables or salad
Dolce (dessert) could be tiramisu, ice cream “gelati” “crostoli” a fried pastry,  crème brulee or fresh fruit.
Il Caffe (coffee) usually espresso and often served with liquers

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